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At Floortech West we provide professional carpet edging and whipping services, making use of spare and leftover pieces of carpet to create bespoke rugs and runners. We can create unique carpet runners for hallways and staircases, using any carpet of your choice, with matching colours or contrasting yarn edging. All of our rugs and runners can be uniquely designed, irrespective of colour, size, and material.

Uniquely designed rugs and runners

Expert carpet edging and whipping by Floortech West in Cornwall.

  • Staircases

  • Hallways

  • Caravans

  • Camper vans

  • Boats

  • Yachts

  • and any area where standard carpet fitting could prove difficult

Carpet edging and whipping areas include

We can produce bespoke entrance matting for not only domestic, but commercial clients too, giving you the opportunity to incorporate your own tastes and personal logo or name into your business space. We can provide bespoke entrance matting for pubs, clubs, hotels, shops, sports venues, and office buildings. Make a great first impression on your business clients.

Order your bespoke entrance matting today.


Have a special event coming up? We can even supply you with a red carpet. Call us for more info.

Bespoke entrance matting for commercial sectors

For top quality, bespoke edging and whipping, call

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whipped seagrass stair carpet